NAPIThe Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, NAPI, is the Navajo Nation's farming and agri-business enterprise, established in 1970 and responsible for farming the lands of the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project (NIIP). Farming operations on the NIIP began in 1976 at Block I.
Currently, 60,000 of the planned 110,630 irrigable acres are developed. NAPI crops and livestock are marketed throughout the U.S., Mexico and other markets under NAPI's trademark "Navajo Pride".

Visit the vast stores of potatoes that are a large source for the nation's potato chip industry. Also, visit the onion and bean processing plants. Group tours can be arranged and are conducted by appointment only. Visitors must inquire in advance and can contact NAPI Public Relations to arrange a tour.

NAPI Public Relations
P.O. Drawer 1318
Farmington, NM 87499

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